Active Noise Control

RTH has one issued patent and one patent pending regarding active noise control (ANC) inventions.

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1. US 6,665,410

Adaptive feedback controller with open-loop transfer function reference suited for applications such as active noise control.

This patent describes a digital feedback ANC system that continuously monitors the open loop gain of the system and makes adjustments to ensure that changes in the plant are compensated to achieve a consistent open loop gain. In this way, changes in the plant transfer function will not affect the control system stability.

2. Patent Pending

Talk-through hearing protection with sound exposure control and monitoring

This patent is pending and describes a talk/hear-through system that incorporates active control and ensures that the user is not exposed to damaging sound pressure levels. Activation of the ANC and hear-through functions are based on protection of the user's hearing. This invention has applications particularly in industrial applications such as manufacturing. The user will hear non-damaging ambient sounds normally, but damaging sounds will be attenuated by ANC and deactivation of the hear-through system.