Wireless Battery-Free

The RTH wireless battery-free system employs RTH PaRCN technology. PaRCN stands for "passive receiver communications nearfield" and refers to a magnetic nearfield induction wireless technology. A magnetic field transmitter in each earcup transmits the audio signal to each communications earplug in such a way that the earplug does not use a battery nor does it require charging. The wireless  earplug is sealed except for the sound delivery channel that provides a sound path through the earplug and eartip to the ear canal. According to RTH analysis, the wireless system meets IEEE standards and ICNIRP guidelines for safe human exposure to electromagnetic fields. This will be verified by a third-party testing facility. The RTH wireless system incorporates wireless battery-free and custom earplugs intellectual property. RTH has fabricated limited production retrofit systems that the US Army and Navy are evaluating. We have licensed our wireless system for the military (non-carrier deck) and national defense markets, but are looking for partners for manufacturing and sales in commercial markets (such as commercial aviation). A presentation of the RTH battery-free wireless system is provided at the bottom of the page for download.

The wireless communications earplugs come in generic-fit, semi-custom and full-custom styles, as seen below. 

RTH wireless battery-free earplugs.

The generic-fit earplug fits in the ear as indicated in the photo below.

Generic-fit earplug as worn in the ear.

RTH wireless transmitters are almost the same size as typical headset speakers. Existing headset speakers are simply removed using the set screws, and the RTH transmitters are installed in their place using only a screwdriver to connect the audio signal.

RTH wireless communications retrofit kit.

A comparison between a wired earbud system and the RTH wireless earbud system is provided below. Click on the image to expand or this link to download.

A military product (WCEP) manufactured by Gentex Corp. that incorporates our wireless battery-free earbuds is shown below. Click the image to expand the front page or download the complete document here.