Custom Earplugs

RTH has developed the expertise and tools to fabricate custom-molded earplugs.

RTH has worked with Predictek, a medical imaging company, to produce digital ear canal/concha impressions based on CT scans for an SBIR NAVAIR project. Using these extracted digital images, RTH has imported these data into customized earshell design software to design custom earmolds. Earmolds made of silicone and plastic have been fabricated and tested. Comparisons between CT scan impressions and laser-scanned silicone impressions have also be made using overlay techniques. RTH has acquired the equipment (3D printer, UV oven, pressure vessel, vacuum oven and customized software) and developed the expertise to fabricate custom earplugs using various techniques. Please visit our custom earplugs intellectual property page.

CT scan of human ear. (Generated by Predictek.)

Comparison of CT and laser scan digital impressions

RTH analysis.


CT canal/concha and bone data (provided by Predictek) 

processed by RTH customized earshell software.

Custom molds fabricated using RTH 3D printer.

Silicone custom earplugs with varying interference 

fit fabricated by RTH.